Michael Alan Fenton

To whom it may concern

This letter is to introduce Jim Bellecera as a long time friend and associate. We have known each since the early 1970’s and I have had the undeniable pleasure of watching many aspects of his personal growth and professional successes. We have work together several different times and on several different projects and I am happy to report that in each experience that he has always impressed me with his drive to achieve the best at whatever he put his effort into.

Jim has always impressed me with his drive, his vision and his willingness to work hard to achieve any and all goals, personal or professional, lofty or small, easy or hard, Jim is an individual I would be honored and proud to consider a member of my team. I believe that Jim is the type of person driven to accept no less than the best that he can do at whatever it is that he chooses to set his sights on achieving. Through the years he has known both personal and professional success both big and small.


Michael Alan Fenton

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