Edward R. Lupton, Jr., CFO

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Jim Bellacera, as we have been friends for about five years now. Initially, a friend said that I needed to meet Jim because Jim had some pretty powerful personality traits that would benefit me. Needless to say I was impressed when we finally did meet. There are certain traits that make people successful in business, with their family, and as a person. It is rare when you come upon someone like Jim who can score so high in many different areas. I am talking about a person with a high energy level; dwells on solutions instead of problems; can easily communicate with others; is focused; radiates self esteem; is grounded; and continually moves forward in life despite its challenges. In life we meet many people who talk about things they are going to do, and then Jim enters your life, and you find it hard to keep up with him.

We mostly run across followers who attempt to duplicate another’s pattern for success. However, Jim is the type of individual who will blaze the way for others to duplicate. His gracious ways make him enjoyable to be around, and his choice of words is usually significant in their content. I truly believe that Jim will be successful in whatever area of interest. This has been his pattern in life, and I can attest that it will continue. It is a pleasure to be given the opportunity to pass on a few words about Jim Bellacera to someone who hopefully will be able to share his company.

Yours truly,

Edward R. Lupton, Jr., CFO

Discover Living, Inc.

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