Eben R. S. Visher

To Whom It May Concern,

From the moment I met Jim Bellacera in 1988 I have admired and respected him. For years we were associated in business and Jim was invariably honest, hardworking and successful at every endeavor.

I have been a hiring manager at Intel, Martin Marietta, and elsewhere and at any point in my career would have been thrilled to employ someone with Jim’s interpersonal skill, leadership, and drive. In his willingness to spend his own time and effort to help others and the organization achieve success, Jim is without peer.

Jim is very intelligent. Anything he doesn’t know, he learns. Jim studies constantly and learns quickly, which is an asset in today’s fast-moving business environment. I have seen Jim adapt with great rapidity to changing business conditions. Since he has such foresight, I have at times looked back and realized that he correctly saw trends that I only recognized much later.

Jim is a faithful family man, and over our 17 years of friendship has devoted untold thousands of hours to his family and community. I have seen Jim and Denise under all kinds of circumstances social, business, and civic where he has consistently shown his integrity and high values.

Please excuse my having gone on at such length about Jim. It is because I think so highly of him. In a word, there is no man I have known whom I more wished to be like in many ways than Jim Bellacera.


Eben R. S. Visher

Senior Software Engineer

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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