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Cracking the Rich Code is a platform for entrepreneurs to go and learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in every facet of life.  From starting a business, to finding the right business; from learning how to use Social Media to properly branding yourself and your business, to finding funds to capitalize your company, Cracking the Rich Code offers a variety of tools to help entrepreneurs and professionals in every industry.


Cracking the Rich Code consists of twelve Self-Made Millionaires that share their secrets and the program is going to receive National Television exposure through infomercials.  Each of its contributors is hailed as the Who’s Who, as well as the top in their specific field.  Each contributor offers direct insight to Cracking the Rich Code members by taking them to the next level of their chosen field. 

Jim Bellacera is one of the twelve contributors that are featured in Cracking The Rich Code.   Through Jim’s endeavors throughout his career and his most recent dealings such as Cracking the Rich Code project, Jim has created influential relationships that have opened the door to yet a larger sphere of influence to promote Successful Thinkers Network to not only the contributors of Cracking the Rich Code and their members, but their direct connections as well.  As we create an affiliate relationship with each contributor and member of Cracking The Rich Code, they also want to connect with their associates because of the financial benefit they will gain.
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