Beyond this book cover, you will venture into a world of possibilities, where success awakens and dreams are reborn. Within these pages you will be able to peer inside the mind, thus the world, of one of the most influential leaders of our day and in so doing, peek into a whole new world of opportunities that await you…

Making millions from your home provides an in-depth look at the day-to-day steps of what it takes to own and operate a successful business. You will learn the secrets of how to properly lead and motivate your employees as well as the essentials of creating customer/client loyalty. In addition, this book will challenge you to reach beyond the status-quo in your personal life so can achieve phenomenal results in business.

In order to get in on the secrets of success contained within this book so that you too can have that competitive edge to take your business to the next level, you, the reader, must first get into the mind of a successful business entrepreneur who has already achieved such results. Jim Bellacera is just such an individual. He has owned and operated several multi-million dollar companies that he built from the ground floor on up to top-tier, with nothing more than the sheer desire to win.




Within the Millionaire Mind

The fifty-page workbook includes over 14 inspiring lessons to help you realize  how worthy…how important…and how capable you really are, including:

Taking Ownership of Your Life
Making the Right Choices
Dream Building and Goal Setting
Positive and Negative Influences in Your Life
Leaving Your Comfort Zone
Building Relationships
Misunderstood Social Behaviors

Audio Seminar

Jim Bellacera has spoken on stage for audiences of tens of thousands of people in over 7 different countries, carrying a stage presence that enables him to successfully open the minds of the audience for teaching and motivation.

Now you can hear straight from Jim Bellacera as he takes you through the essentials in extraordinary detail, offering key insights that can help you secure your financial freedom and join top income earners!


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