Andy Duff, CFPTM, CLU, ChFC

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Jim Bellacera for 15 years. For 7-years, Jim and I worked closely together in business.

Jim’s commitment and loyalty as a business associate and as a friend are outstanding. I am not overstating to say that working with Jim was always inspirational, as he has always been a motivating influence on me and others around him. Jim’s work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit are tremendous, and I fully expect that Jim’s influence will create success in any endeavor to which he devotes himself.

I say all of this from the standpoint of one who has been in business successfully for years, as well as having seen very many other businesses and business people in the course of what I currently do as a Financial Planner. In light of that perspective, I have to say that Jim is one of the best businessmen I have ever known, and I also count it a blessing to know him as a friend.


Andy Duff, CFPTM, CLU, ChFC

Redding, CA 96001

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