Interview by  Darren Bocksnick

Jim Bellacera has enjoyed a successful career in educating and inspiring people around the world. He is well aware of what it is like to lack belief in his own abilities. When interviewing Jim Bellacera one can see the passion he has in helping people overcome their inhibitions and in learning to believe in their potential. In fact, Jim states that potential minus commitment equals nothing. He knows most people have incredible potential latent within but because they struggle with the same issues he had once faced in the early days prior to his success, they don’t know how to empower themselves to overcome and create greatness in their lives.

Jim knows firsthand that by merely making a decision in your life you can change your outcome.. An example is when an individual is serious about being successful in life, a simple decision to read books on how to be an over comer such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “The Magic of Thinking Big”, can have a powerful, residual impact in bringing that dream to fruition. “Confidence and Power and Dealing with People” and a multitude of other books on the psychology of personal development can also aid in the achievement of those goals.

“When you understand why people are where they are in life” Jim conveys, “it is easier to help yourself and others as well”. Jim also states it powerfully: “your body doesn’t live in the past so why should your mind?” In other words, whatever your “self talk” is has a direct bearing on determining how your dreams and goals play out. If, in the past your self talk has been negative or demeaning, this may have been the very factor which produced the subsequent, negative results that transpired in your life.

Jim Bellacera’s favorite seminars are the ones where he gets to share his experiences and to encourage his audience with personal development strategies and tips on overcoming obstacles. He knows that a lot of us have years or even a lifetime of unwanted baggage and we need to let it go. Jim has another saying “if you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space”.

He believes in a balance but also realizes that most people are trying to be so cautious about taking risks that they never end up stepping out in faith and taking that risk since it means they will have to face the potential to fail as well as succeed. Instead of thinking the glass is half full they think the glass is half empty and worry more about the risk of failing rather than the chance of succeeding. Jim likes to live by the notion that says: “what if it does work?” If you play your life out with no risks you will never find out what it feels like to be victorious or to feel like you have done something special with your life.

Jim Bellacera believes most people go to their grave living quite desperate lives without ever really knowing what they could have done to make it more meaningful and full of purpose or what positive contributions they could have made because they were afraid of the unknown. The unknown will always be present but you have to take a step in faith. Jim likes to tell people to draw a line in the sand and step over it and to never look back until you have achieved your goals.

To experience all God has in store for you is to move forward in life. Jim knows that God can’t steer a parked car and he certainly can’t help those who will not help themselves. So many people want to complain woe is me and yet the answers lay before us but it’s comparable to the guy who is drowning in inactivity, because he keeps saying “if God wanted me to be successful he wouldn’t have allowed me to be stuck in this miserable situation and drowning”, when, all the while, God had been sending people his way throughout life to offer him various opportunities that could have helped him financially but for whatever reason, he rejects them and likewise, drowns in the end.

The first sign that you deserve better is the mere fact that you can imagine a better life. You see, if you were not destined to have a better life God would never have allowed you to imagine there could be a better life for you. How many times have you driven by an upscale neighborhood, observed nicer automobiles or fancier restaurants and you just said to yourself “I will never have that.” Yet, those that in fact, do own the fancier homes and drive the newer vehicles said just the opposite. You see what the mind can conceive you can achieve.

Money is not the answer to all things but it can make all things a lot easier to deal with. Living in mental poverty is a curse you put on yourself and you are the only one that can free yourself of those shackles of self doubt and defeat. It is said misery loves company but you will never pull someone into your misery that doesn’t want to be there with you. You have to say this is not for me and overcome the things that are holding you back. Jim Bellacera learned early on in his career that if he wanted to conquer himself he would need to make sure everything around him was going to influence his way of thinking.

If you go to seminars or read books on success you will read or hear that what you put into your head is what comes out. If you are spending time with doubters then you will be allowing the influence of a doubter to affect your thought process. If you surround yourself with turkeys you can never soar with eagles. If you never read positive influential books on how to be a better you or how to become someone whom people will want to follow- you will never be more influential in the positive sense. What you listen to on the radio or the music you listen to has been scientifically proven to have a long term effect on our lives.

Have you ever thought about the people that seem to act a lot like their parents, good or bad? Jim remembers one time a close friend asking him when he was a teenager, why do you smoke. Jim responded; because I like to. His friend said to him at the time I can see why I smoke because both my parents do but yours don’t. His friend could see the negative impact that the negative surroundings had produced in his own life. Now that Jim looks back, he said he thinks he smoked back then because his friends smoked and he wanted to feel accepted. Of course Jim has chosen not to smoke for the last half of his life and he feels good about that decision.

You see we are the net result of what we think about and what we see in our daily life. If you want to change your life you have to change yourself. It may not be easy but it is that simple. Jim Bellacera encourages people to find friends that think positive and successful thoughts so that positive and successful interaction can ensue between them. People that make you feel good about yourself and encourage you daily, will ultimately create in you- the positive, encouraging energy they have been projecting all along!