Jim Bellacera is an entrepreneur, renowned speaker, authority on life change and small business success. He is the bestselling author of “Within the millionaire Mind” and “Making Millions from Your Home” along with several other training programs designed to take average people and teach them the skills to become six and seven figure income earners. Jim’s time-tested strategies have helped thousands of people around the world to create the success they were looking for.

Jim has also sold over 1,000,0000 copies of his talks. Amongst all of his success, Jim was invited to be a part of “Cracking the Rich Code”, a program that consisting of 12 self made millionaires (one of them is a billionaire) that have combined their talents and knowledge to help influence entrepreneurs around the globe towards accomplishing their goals.

Jim became the founder of several successful companies throughout his career. Today, he is responsible for Successful Thinkers Network, Inc., the first program of its kind to bring online entrepreneurs together, offline in their local community while bringing the very same entrepreneurs online like never before. He likes to say “this is where Virtual meets Reality” and with their new app, Successful Thinkers Network has really done it big changing the way we do business forever. His Passion for Successful Thinkers Network goes way beyond just helping local small business owners but helping make a huge impact in the US and around the World. Please visit http://successfulthinkersnetwork.com